Welcome to Tarim

as-salam alaykum,

I pray this message reaches you and your loved ones in well-being, in sha Allah.

A few of the students (long-standing residents and students) have put together a  ‘orientation kit’ for potential, new and current students in Tarim.

This will hopefully allow students more information of what goes on, and also a cost guidelines for living here, and a community resource list for residents (you will need a password for this section as it contains emails and telephone numbers which can be obtained by contacting the admin via the contact form).

If you or anyone you know is wishing to come to Tarim, please inform them of the link below, and if you can add it to your respective organisational websites it would be much appreciated.

The link will eventually be moved under the domain of Dar al-Mustafa, in sha Allah.


Finally, if there are any queries, please fill in the contact form with the query, and it will be dealt with in due time, in sha Allah. This will relieve some of the pressure of individuals involved in khidma here as queries will be passed to the relevant departments.

Please note the website is in its infancy stages, so changes will be made in the up and coming weeks, but as of present you can signpost people to it.

Welcome to Tarim admin and Treasures for the Seeker admin

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