As-salaamu alaykum,

We pray this reaches you in a state of well-being,

Please see details below of a forthcoming fundraiser for Felicity House.

Paradise is just a hop, skip & jump away (Sisters-only Charity Dinner)

Time & Date: 6-10pm | Friday 18th November

Venue: Novas Contemporary Urban Centre, 41 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BS.

Ticket Price: £50

Contact: Zara Nargis –

“Sacred education is a God-given right of each person that begins prior to birth”. It is in recognition of this that the ‘Felicity House’ project was born. We know that there is a dire need for British Islamic institutions to nurture and educate our children and adults alike. Knowledge lies in the education system which helps individuals on the path of the purpose of their life, which is to know God. The very backbone of a thriving, healthy community is in the way people are nurtured to become active and contributing members to the society in which they dwell.

Similarly, we know that circles of knowledge are ‘gardens from the gardens of paradise’ and what better than to have a base where its primary function is to host such gardens of bliss. Felicity House aims to host a ‘Happy Children Nursery’, a cafe, and an adult learning area. There will also be a garden, which ultimately in the Islamic tradition, is representative of Paradise, and we hope also of the gardens of faith within us.

When there is any need, both expressed by a person or a community, Muslims by their nature should be the first to serve. It is in this spirit, and the spirit of helping realise the mission of our teachers to make sacred knowledge accessible universally, that the “Power of 10” was formed. A group of sisters who recognised the importance of mutual support and the spirit of sisterhood, formed the idea to collectively raise money to facilitate this vision. As the group engaged in the fundraising, they realised that the number ‘10’ turned out to be a blessed and reoccurring number. And just like those ten companions that were given a guarantee of entering Paradise whilst still in this world, we hope that all sisters involved in the effort and vision of the “Power of 10” will hop, skip and jump into paradise together!

Previous events and fundraising efforts by the group has raised over £50,000. The goal for this next event is £10,000 pounds in sha Allah. This is now the final push, and we would like to take this opportunity to encourage all sisters from the Micro Madrasa and beyond to get involved and make this next event in November a huge success. Tickets are £50 each, and students are encouraged to make an effort to fundraise this and more in their local communities. Those that cannot attend can donate to facilitate the attendance of others and partake from the blessings in this manner. It is intended that at least half of the target will be achieved through the tickets, and the other half through individuals donating and fundraising. Thus, whilst the upcoming event is a women’s event, brothers are welcome and encouraged to donate towards the effort.

The fruits of our work at this stage will only bring ease and comfort to our community and beyond in the future. To facilitate the building of schools and madrasas is considered a charity that continues to bring reward to us after we pass on from this world. And just like its name, we pray that the vision and success of Felicity House is a means of bringing us to ultimate happiness and felicity in the next world.

It is to be a night of nasheeds, reminders and of course food! And most importantly it is an opportunity to be in the company of amazing female scholarship and sisterhood. Get in touch and get involved! We look forward to seeing you all on the night.

With all love and peace,

The Power of 10