MBlogs are a series of articles that will be written by 10 year-old Maryam. She has intended to use this platform to write articles about what she has learnt with the intention of benefitting herself and others. This specific post consists of a poem that she has penned. She would like readers to know that although it doesn’t rhyme in the translation, it does in the original Arabic. May Allah protect and preserve her, make her from the youth who were raised in His Love and obedience, and allow her to be a beacon of light wherever she goes. Allahumma Ameen.


The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says

{Cleanliness is half of faith}  
Everyone knows that if you are not clean 
You are not fit to be seen 
In the mosque you cannot enter 
And you should not go to the shopping centre
If you are dirty, you cannot touch the Holy Book 
And it would be shameful to even have a look 
So go and get clean now 
What are you asking me, how? 

You could wash the way the Prophet said, 
No! Not the way they wash the dead!
You wash your face, hands, head and feet 
And always remember to wash after you eat 
Or a bath you could take
But oh what a mess you make! 
Go upstairs and quickly get clean 
Before your friends turn on you mean
Also cleanliness makes God “Smile” 
And he will write it in your good deeds file 
The Prophet too will be glad 
And so of course will your dad
So now dear readers you know 
Please on the straight path go 
And make sure to stay clean 
So you don't become a horror scene 

Maryam Siddiqah