Habib Ali in Leicester

Some people think negatively of surrender. This isn’t surrendering. This is the result of losing surrender.

Whoever soundly surrenders will have removed from the heart the minutest bit of surrendering to other than God.

How can you ascend degrees from surrender to being freed? Beware, every one of us has to be at a point of surrendering to something. No-one is exempt.

1) Someone who is selfish
2) Someone who shows off

There are people who surrender to themselves and to other people.

3) Being freed of both. These have really surrendered to God.

To surrender to God is to acknowledge the truth. This truth is that we were created from nothing. He let us be His representatives. He gave us authority over the earth so we can hike mountains, dive into oceans and fly into the sky. We have some kind of authority. We have the remit to interact with it in a way that is disharmonious to the rest of creation.

We have enough importance where two angels write down everything from us; this is their sole occupation.
No celebrity/politician has this kind of attention. Who has a human being who writes their entire life? Do you realise your value? You have two angels writing, ten protecting you and angels as representatives whose concern is your provision, lifespan and your place in Paradise. You’ve got all these angels occupied with you. Even angels of the highest rank are occupied with you.

Do you think having the entire cosmos occupied with you is just a jest?

He created you and deposited your soul in your body. He created you upon 3 announcements:
1) He entrusted you with a trust
2) He told the angels that He would place a vicegerent on the earth
3) It was an address, a direct one without intermediary from Allah to you. You heard God. You were spoken to by God. You spoke to God with nothing between you. The world of spirits were created before bodies which are nothing but a cover.

And He made us bear witness, “Am I not your Lord?” Each one of us responded, “Yes, you are.” This is the bayah. The connection. Our spirits witnessed Allah’s Lordship and dominions prior to being in bodies.

We have three responsibilities:
1) Ibadah – worship in the universal meaning of slavehood not just by time
2) Tazkiya – purification of self – “Successful is he who purifies it, lost is he who loses it.”
3) Imarat’l ‘ard – Be his khalifa, cultivate the earth. Not in the way we do today by polluting the environment and destructing the earth’s resources.

How can these realities be realised? Wait for moments where veils are pierced and understanding comes.
The goal of going up in surrendering to God is to overcome the selfishness and whims of the soul which will do anything to achieve whims and to harmonise with God’s address.

Some people struggle with the obligations and prohibitions as they haven’t seen the real picture.
“God has not made incumbent more than what the soul can bear.” So you can carry this.

A decision: I’ll carry on in obligations and leave that which is prohibited and if I miss this I’ll continue travelling to the mustahab (recommended)/makruh (disliked) as when I do that which is liked, I’ll draw closer to God.

You need to discipline yourself, program yourself like a horse needs to be disciplined before it can provide.

The Sunnah will become beloved to you as you realise that you’re attached to RasulAllah (peace and blessings be upon him) as you’re doing every action in its highest form.

Now come to the vast banquet table. Don’t go with your ego, you wouldn’t love with your ego. You’ll be illumined as the permissible is a bounty and a trust which has been placed so you’ll only take what you need and you’ll look after it.

The one who has total surrendering will not allow himself to transgress and will always be the victorious as he has ascended by reigning himself in to a state where he resonates in harmony with the entire cosmos that Allah has entrusted him.

Go out and seek out the character of those who have reached surrendering to Allah.
He walks in the state of being pleased with God. He looks with the eye of compassion. His tongue is occupied with dhikr (remembrance of God). He looks at the Creator and creation with opinion. He has made peace.

More to follow, in sha Allah.

Any mistakes, errors or misinterpretations of words are from me. Please correct me when you spot any mistakes.