When he bled due to his injuries, he would hold on to his blood saying, “I fear that if a drop of my blood should fall upon the earth, God will envelop them with a punishment.” So he would hold on to the blood on his face out of fear that if any of it should fall upon the earth God would be angry with them. He wished to ward off wrath from them even when his face was struck. And it is a most noble face. There is nothing more noble to God. Despite all that, this was how he responded. In fact, after the end of the battle and the painful events that he witnessed: the severing of stomachs, noses, ears, the removal of His Uncle Hamza’s liver; when they came to him and said, “Pray to God against them, O Messenger of God,” he said, “I was not sent as a curser nor as a speaker of evil, rather I was sent with the pure religion.” He then raised his hands saying: “O God guide my people, for verily they do not know.” In fact, at the same time on the day of Uhud one man came to him and cursed Quraysh, the perpetrators of these acts. He said, “Don’t curse Quraysh.” The man replied, “O Messenger of Allah, I only cursed them for what they have done.” He said, “You will see from amongst them those who will do such and such good.” A pinnacle in mercy, compassion, moderation, and the desire to bring humanity to the truth, peace and blessings be upon him.