In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate
The Prophet of the Prophets
Through his virtues my Prophet attained the highest state of perfection
His luminous visage vanquishes the darkness of the night
He was the supreme embodiment of all the goodness and virtuous attributes
Humble salutations to him and his family
You’re the Prophet of all the prophets, O my beloved Prophet
Many a benedictions and praises to you, O my beloved Prophet
None has come into the world as peerless as you where can I find a resplendent person like you?
Your personality radiates luminosity to the entire Universe
Even Allah has praises for your Uniqueness because of you the Universe was created, O Master of Madina
The heaven and earth, the dwellings and beyond – the entire cosmos is radiant because of you
All the jollity and bustle of the Day of Judgement has been scheduled for you
As wished by Allah, all the nights and days is because of you
Whatever bounty anyone receives is all due to you
For you the noble Qur’an was revealed No one has attained your stature
Tell me who can be a Beloved of your compare?
Many a messengers came into the world, but who is of your compare?
Many a prophets came into the world, but who got the exaltation of your compare?
The likes of angel Gabriel wait on you even the stones sang your praises
Limitless are your qualities, even your slaves are beyond compare
Many a prophets were summoned to the heavens,
But a limit was imposed on their sojourn there For you,
My beloved Prophet, there was no bar even beyond
Gabriel’s abode Tell me who is so near and dear to God?
That is the reward Allah bestowed on you, my beloved Prophet
Allah INVITED you the heavens, which else received such treatment?
You conversed with HIM intimately Your countenance is like the glory of the noble Quran
Unfulfilled we remain even if we see your countenance again and again
Through you I see my Creator seeing you is my pilgrimage
Your deeds are Allah’s, with you the Prophethood ends
Whosoever comes to your threshold is not let down
Forever you’ve favoured the destitute
From dawn to dusk I say your name incessantly
Those intoxicated by the wine of the love for you are restless and unconscious of the world
Muhammad’s devotee has no fright of the Day of Judgement
He who believes in Muhammad’s message is eternally exalted
He who believes in Muhammad, his boat, even though capsized, won’t sink Muhammad recommends forgiveness for those whose hand he holds
The angels are subservient to you, O my beloved Prophet
O Prophet, salutations to you
O Beloved of Allah, salutations to you
All the praises to you, O Messenger of Allah
– Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan