- Taken by Qashif Masud (http://qashifmasud.co.uk)

– Taken by Qashif Masud (http://qashifmasud.co.uk)

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

O Allah send your blessings and peace upon our Master Muhammad, Your light which spreads and Your assistance which flows (throughout creation) and join me with him in all my states, and upon his family and companions, O Light!

By the grace of God, Felicity House opened its doors on the night of the 12th Rabi’ al Awwal 1434 corresponding to the 23rd January 2013. A night of felicity for the entire cosmos!

Present at the opening were individuals on whose hands God has granted the ability for the openings of this faqirah and many others to come through from Him; Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa, Shaykh Haroon Hanif, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Shaykh Faiz Qureshy, Shaykh Zane Abdo, Shaykh Burhaan Khandia and Shaykh Muhammed Zakir among other men and women alike. May Allah increase them all in light. Allahumma Amin.

Shaykh Zane Abdo rightly emphasised that it doesn’t stop at having a building but building people like Shaykh Ibrahim and Shaykh Haroon who will continue to be inheritors and bearers of this felicitous trust.

As this felicity encapsulates us all and we remain in awe of our teachers, I reach out with a request of support. If you can donate towards this blessed project then please do so by clicking the word ‘donate’ which will direct you onto a web page where you can donate, God Willing. More importantly, unsheathe the weapon that lies in your hands, raise it and pray for this project.

We congratulate our dear teachers and brethren for their sacrifices for the cause of God that they have endeavoured in; Felicity House.

As the building has been named Sa-adah (Felicity) and the centre of it is named Nur (Light) by Habib Umar, we pray that this building and the hearts within it and around it are connected to the felicitous light, peace and blessings be upon him. Allahumma Amin.

at your service,