One Man…11 days…11 extreme challenges… how far would you go?

Can you imagine sky diving up high, caving down low, and being catapulted between the two?! How about swimming with sharks one day, and white water rafting the next? Would you be prepared to face these challenges in ice, snow, rain, and wind? Get hot, cold, wet, muddy, and tired? The One Man is.

The One Man lives amongst us in the Woking community. He is not looking for fame or fortune. But, he is prepared to go to extreme lengths to raise £111,000 to benefit the Woking community. Please support him.

The One Man is going to take part in 11 extreme challenges in 11 days starting from 20 April 2013. The map shows you the journey that The One Man will take, and the challenges that he’ll have to face. Not only will be tested by the challenges, he will be exhausted by travelling 1727 miles in those 11 days with little or no rest in between!


How can you help?

Your sponsorship will support The One Man as he faces the ultimate test of mind, body, and spirit. Your money will go towards the £111,000 that The Ribat Institute needs so that they can buy a community building in Woking. They will use the new centre to facilitate all of their education and community activities and future projects.

How much do I have to give?

Only what you can afford. Even the smallest donation will help towards raising the target of £111,000. When you donate, regular updates will be provided on the One Man Challenge website and on The Ribat Institute’s FaceBook page. In addition, The One Man’s blog will tell you what’s happening in the run up to the 11 challenges, with pictures and videos of him completing all 11 challenges.

How do I give?


The easiest way for you to donate is via JustGiving. JustGiving is a specialist website for donating to charities. It uses a secure payment page so your details will be safe. There’s no need to send cash or cheques, and risk them getting lost in the post.

If you prefer to post a cheque, please make it out to ‘The Ribat Institute’ and send it to The Ribat Institute, PO Box 1352, Woking, Surrey, GU22 2GH.

Bank transfer

We also have an option for online bank transfer.

Account Name: The Ribat Institute
Account Number: 00005618
Sort code: 30-99-80
Address: Lloyds TSB, 32 Commercial Way, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6ER, United Kingdom

Donate by text message:

Just text ONEM50 followed by your amount to 70070. Example: ONEM50 £10

What’s it for?

The Ribat Institute is a local Woking initiative that aims to provide education, training, and activities in the community for people of all ages and backgrounds. They also run a number of projects like providing fresh food for the homeless. They rely on kind volunteers who give up their time to run training programmes and other activities. They also rely on the generosity of those who provide the donations that enable them to carry out their work.

Funds raised from The One Man Challenge will go towards buying a new facility for them in Woking. Currently, they hire premises at Woking College. They wish to increase the number and type of activities, projects, and courses that they can offer. But in order to do this, they need larger and more suitable premises. They’ll use their new home to facilitate all of their education and training activities and future projects. If they don’t raise the funds to get their new facility, they simply won’t be able to offer as many activities and have as far-reaching an effect as they’d like.

Visit the page all about The Charity to find out more about who they are and what they do.

May God envelope this in sincerity and divine success.
Allahumma Amin.