BismiLlah. Praise is for Al-Wadūd, The Loving, from where all other love pours forth; & Peace & blessings upon The Beloved (al-Habīb), al-Mustafa (peace & blessing be upon him, his Family & Companions) amin. 

These last few days my comrade, Amer Karim aka the One Man, has been putting his heart & soul into a project to try and raise funds for our project – Ribat House. He has done so based on his love of things higher than our own transitory lives. In trying to build his own everlasting ‘Ribat House’ in the afterlife. Day after day putting his body & spirit through tests in an attempt to capture the hearts & minds of many of us, in an effort to help us to help others.

Just today I witnessed him complete a 21 mile (34 km) kayaking marathon on Lake Windermere; and now he can now barely lift his hands up due to pain & fatigue. Words cannot describe how all of us, who have been been with him on this journey physically, feel about his sincerity & dedication to do all of this for us…you & I. 

I am personally thus requesting everyone who reads this to donate £10 (or its equivalent) within the next 24 hours, even if you have already donated. Those who know the faqir should know that I genuinely dislike asking for funds. But it would be criminal of me if I didn’t ask based on the sacrifice I have seen this brother go through. 

As of now I am informed that since the beginning of the One Man Challenge, we have had 8,500 of you follow this project electronically. Thus, God willing, we can easily raise £85,000 in the next 24 hours. 

My dear brothers & sisters if you could see what I see, regarding what this brother has put him self through we would hasten to opens our hearts and loosen our purse strings. As our beloved Prophet (s) said, ‘Hasten to do good deeds.’ (al-Tirmidhi). Please I humbly ask you not to procrastinate with this humble request.

May Allah increase all of you & us in love of Him, His Beloved (s) and a love of the everlasting, not the fleeting, amin.
with much love,

faiz b. Amīr
20 Jumada al-Thani 1434
Inverness, Scotland.