O Allah, send blessings on our Master Muhammad, who opened what was closed, who sealed what had gone before, the helper of Truth by the Truth, the guide to your straight path, and on his family, may these blessings be equal to his immense position and grandeur.

salam alaykum wa rahmatullah,

On Monday 5th May, teams of 5 men will be taking part in a military assault course fundraiser for The Ribat Institute so they can purchase their very own building; Ribat House. (If you would like to partake, please contact The Ribat Institute)

The Ribat Institute is a local Woking initiative that aims to provide education, training, and activities in the community for people of all ages and backgrounds. They also run a number of projects like providing fresh food for the homeless. They rely on kind volunteers who give up their time to run training programmes and other activities. They also rely on the generosity of those who provide the donations that enable them to carry out their work.

Funds raised from The One Team Challenge will go towards buying a new facility for them in Woking. Currently, they hire premises at Woking College. They wish to increase the number and type of activities, projects, and courses that they can offer. But in order to do this, they need larger and more suitable premises. They’ll use their new home to facilitate all of their education and training activities and future projects. If they don’t raise the funds to get their new facility, they simply won’t be able to offer as many activities and have as far-reaching an effect as they’d like.

Please support this project which is led by two of our beloved teachers; Shaykh Faiz Qureshy and Ustadha Umm Imaan.

Teams to sponsor:
Captain F & The Furious Five
The Futuwwa Sports Team
Majid Hussain and Co
Team Slough2Woking
Zamir’s One Team
Increase in good deeds and double your rewards upon the entrance of the sacred month; Rajab. If you cannot donate, then please supplicate for this virtuous project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you require further information.

Success is from God.

at your service,