In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate

All praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. And salutations and greetings upon our Master Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” – Plato

Treasures for the Seeker intends to share the creative utterances of dear ones with you all. We pray that they stir and realise within us Muhammadan reflection, Muhammadan love, and Muhammadan transformation.

Allahumma Amin. Allahumma Amin. Allahumma Amin.

The burning sun in all her glory.
Stood powerful yet powerless.
Her rays surrounded him,
Yet offered him little comfort
She watched as the raging master delivered blow upon blow.
With each blow the slaveman’s blood did flow,
Like streams quenching the dry broken earth.
She watched,
As the slave man embraced each whip,
As though it were a lover’s gentle kiss.
She listened to the sound of each cracking of the whip,
As it was met only by the echoes of his.
Ahad. Ahad. Ahad.

She watched the boulder being brought forth
And she watched as they placed it upon his chest
The slaveman’s body now crushed and weakened,
Yet his faith he never shunned.
She heard the raging fury of his master,
Echoed only by those calls of his.
Ahad. Ahad. Ahad.

She watched as the passerby disturbed
the slaveman’s calls
And away the slaveman limped yet still he walked tall.
Each wound upon his flesh
Bearing witness to his submission.
Not to the raging master, but to the Master of the One,
Whose very being was the reason for her existence.
In stillness and solitude she still heard his call.
Ahad. Ahad. Ahad.
She watched the years go by
And she watched him ascend to ranks so high
She oft-heard his calls, that now danced with her in unison.
Together they praised the Lord, the One.
Al Ahad.

Years later she watched again
As pangs of separation
Tormented his broken heart.
She soaked up his tears and absorbed his pain,
Yet in utter anguish he remained.
Calls still emanated from his heart,
Yet he found his tongue refusing to part, with that name.
Thus she watched him wander from place to place.
She watched as his beloved’s face
Was rekindled at every time, in every place.
Oh how he mourned.
She watched as he gathered his belongings
And fled to distant lands.
Running from the sanctuary of his beloved to far and distant lands.
And there he remained.

She saw him that day when he returned.
Watched him oblige intently to the pleas
Of those who yearned,
To hear his call once more.
She watched as he stood to raise the call,
Allahu Akbar
And she danced in ecstasy as he praised the Lord.
Ash hadu Allah Ilaha Ilallah.
She watched as the lovers hearts were stirred by every word they heard.
And she watched as they poured forth onto the streets,
Seeking the source of a call so bittersweet.
Ash hadu anna.
She watched as he collapsed,unable to continue on
Though the light of his faith still shone so strong
The face of his beloved had gone.
And now there he was upon the floor.
The wounds of separation still so raw.
So once again she watched him flee.

Years later she found him there upon his bed.
And by his side they stood and cried.
As the pangs of death
slowly overcame,
With each breath she sensed his joy for this was the moment he had awaited.
The moment for which he had been created.
She listened as the name of his beloved escaped his lips.
And travelled with him unto the heavens.
Now reunited,
pure bliss.

expressed by
The Obscure One