In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate

All praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. And salutations and greetings upon our Master Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

Tribute to Dar Al Zahra (Liverpool) Classes

Last few days of this blessed month
It’s been lockdown, shutdown, closedown
From all the avenues that lead to the heart
No shopping malls or coffees out
No dunya calling from the month start
Lockdown, shutdown, closedown

It’s allowed me to reflect and  reconnect
With my true fitra of calling to the deen
My focus on my Lord has left me feeling clean
Rid of all the filth that life has
In futile talk and worldly gain
But now this month is going I’m in great pain
Lockdown, shutdown, closedown

My heart aches
My eyes are a waterfall
I’ve been fed by so many a spiritual soul
How can I not yearn for more?
I’m in an ocean of goodness and want to drown
I want to taste more of this beautiful deen
I never knew that I could be so keen
Lockdown, shutdown, closedown

Being taught by those from the chain
Just has a totally different gain
The love they embody infuses you
Your every cell knows it too
Your heart opens to a love so strong
Ya Allah! Increase our bond
Today, tomorrow, and  every day
Raise all those to a great rank, I pray
For only you can truly repay
The effort they have put in each day
Lockdown, shutdown, closedown

May Allah raise you and raise you and raise you
May The Beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, be pleased with you
May all your efforts be accepted and multiplied
May all those who assist be drowned in Allah’s mercy
Ya Allah! Gaze on our hearts
Let us be like we have a fresh start
Lockdown, shutdown, closedown.

What a great blessing for this Ummah!

– Anon

Please keep this inspired soul, her happy friend, and their families in your prayers.