MBlogs are a series of articles that will be written by 10 year-old Maryam. She has intended to use this platform to write articles about what she has learnt with the intention of benefitting herself and others. This specific post consists of a poem that she has penned. She would like readers to know that although it doesn’t rhyme in the translation, it does in the original Arabic. May Allah protect and preserve her, make her from the youth who were raised in His Love and obedience, and allow her to be a beacon of light wherever she goes. Allahumma Ameen.

الرسول الأعظم

The Greatest Prophet

شاعرة: مريم صديقة طاهر

Poet: Maryam Siddiqah Tahir

انا احب الرسول
لانه جاء بال حق
و الدين و القرآن
لكي علم الإنسان

I love the Prophet 
Because he came with the truth 
The religion and the Qur’an 
In order to teach mankind 

فنشكره كثيرا
و نرجو ان يكون أمته كبيرا
و نعمل صالحا
لكي ندخل جنة نعيما

So we thank him immensely
And pray his nation grows 
And we act well 
So that we may enter Jannah 

و اسمه محمد
و يدعو الإله واحد
و يعرف جبريل
لأنه التحقا به في غار حراء

His name is Muhammad 
He called to one God 
He intimately knows Gabriel 
For he met him in the cave

و يعبد الرحمن
و يكره الأصنام
و يحب صلة الأرحام
و دينه ينتشر في العالم

He worships the Merciful
And he hates idols 
He loves family ties
And his religion spreads around the world   

و يلقب بالصادق الامين
و طه من ربه
و محمد في الارض
وأحمد في السماوات

He is nicknamed The Trustworthy 
Taha by his Lord
Muhammad on earth 
And Ahmad in the heavens 

أمه السيدة آمنة
و ابوه عبد الله
و أمه في الرضاعة
حليمة سعدية

His mother is Aminah 
And his father is Abdullah 
His wet nurse is
Halima tu-Sa’diyah 

ولد في مكة
ثم إلى بادية
شام ايضا 
و أخيرا إلى مدينة

He was born in Makkah 
Then to the countryside
Syria too 
And finally to Madinah 

و ازوجه خديجة
عائشة وحفصة وسودة
صفية ميمونة و رملة
هند و زينب وجويرية 

And his wives are: Khadijah, 
Aisha, Hafsa, Sowdah,
Safiyya, Maymuna, Ramla, 
Hind, Zaynab, and Juwayriyah

و بنته فاطمة الزهراء
تزوجت علي ابن عمه
معا انجب حسن وحسين
وزينب وأم كلثوم

His daughter, Fatimah 
Married Ali, his cousin 
Together they had Hassan, Hussain, 
Zaynab, and Umm Kulthum

و اخواتها قاسم وعبد الله
زينب رقية وأم كلثوم
و امها السيدة خديجة
و ابوها خير الملاء

Her siblings: Qasim, Abdullah,
Zaynab, Ruqayyah, and Umm Kulthum 
Her mother Khadijah 
And her father the best of creation

أسرى مع جبريل
الى الأقصى في وسط ليل
خرج إلى سماوات
وراى  رب 

He travelled with Gabriel 
To Aqsa in the night 
He ascended up to the heavens
where he met his Lord