A Timely Reminder

We will shortly be entering the sacred month of Dhu’l-Qa`dah. Three of the four sacred months come one after another: Dhu’l-Qa`dah, Dhu’l-Hijjah and Muharram. Dhu’l-Qa`dah is the first and is a preparation for the other two.

It also is one of the months of Hajj. Whether or not we are fortunate enough to enter the sacred places at this time we are all entering sacred time so we should behave accordingly. We should be aware that the reward of any good actions we are able to perform is multiplied and likewise bad deeds are more grave. Sayyidi al-Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah preserve him) said that we should do what we are able to assist those planning to make Hajj, whether it be teaching them or assisting them financially or in any other way.

He said that in spite of the tribulations that we see around us many opportunities are still available for us to draw close to Allah. We should thus strengthen our connection to the Book of Allah. He emphasised reciting the Qur’an between Maghrib and Isha and before Fajr, when tranquillity descends. Sayyiduna `Uthman said: “Were our hearts pure they would never be full of the speech of Allah.”

He warned us of the “time thieves” who use various means to steal our precious time. As a result of the work of these time thieves many Muslims in the East and the West waste their time doing things which will be a cause of regret on the Day of Judgement, things which lead to a bad ending, things which will prevent them from being under the banner of the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and drinking from his pool. Had they listened to the call of Allah and His Beloved they would have chosen something better. We all know that He sees us, so why is there no awe for Him in our hearts?

Regarding the events that take place around us we find that people ask other people much more than they ask Allah. If only they asked Allah every night and shed tears they would play a part in saving the Ummah. But no, they spend five or six hours on the internet or watching the satellite channels and most of what they hear is lies. They ask all these forms of media and they do not ask Allah. In whose hands are our affairs? Who is the One who is capable of changing our state? Why do you not present your problems to Him and trust in Him? May Allah guide the Muslims and give them the ability to stand at His door so that He rectifies their affairs.

(Selected from Habib Umar’s talks and lessons in the past week 21-26th Shawwal 1432/19-24th September 2011)

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