Taken by: Ahqib Hussain

Take note: He never cursed a woman or a slave even the woman who killed his beloved uncle and ate his liver. 1500 years later we mention her name and say may Allah be pleased with her as she entered Islam. This was Hind b. Utbah. This is the greatness of Islam. This is the greatness of Muhammad. Endless peace and blessings be upon him.

To wrong a servant is a form of arrogance and stupidity.
You lie to yourself and believe your own lie. What do you give them? Few paper. What do they give you? Food. Clothes. Your children are looked after. Who’s giving the favour? Hence there’s arrogance and stupidity.

Our Prophet, his family and companions taught us that we try to rectify rather than demolish.

Intentions are with Allah and Allah made it a worship to have a good intention.

God’s treasuries are full and He gives to the one who asks. There’s no barrier except being honest in asking.
O God we ask You for honesty in seeking closeness to You.

To help your brother fulfil his need is better than iti’kaf for a month.”- Prophetic Tradition

We should have pity for the one Allah sends people to and he ignores them.
Listen, you can’t fulfil your own needs but He allows affairs to flow through you. This is an honour and ennoblement to you. He attributed it to you and on top He will reward YOU on the Day of Judgement. In this world, He’ll be there to assist you.
“God is at the assistance of a slave as long as he’s at the assistance of a brother.” – Prophetic Tradition
So the moment you hasten to help, you enter God’s assistance. You’re helping within the remits of God’s assistance. The servant has given you the opportunity to enter God’s assistance and remit. Who’s given more? In reality, God has given. On the outward, who has?

The ego cites commands to the evil. It becomes irritable but the answer is to struggle against it and work towards purification. Assist yourself through the one that Allah sends to you rather to demean the one God has sent. He’s becoming an honour to you.
Demeaning inwardly and outwardly is looking down at them as they’ve gone down a notch as they’ve come with a need to you.

Knowledge of faith is to actualise, experience and ascend. If we take it truly, it’ll open every other door.

Whoever learns and acts and teaches, he will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” – Jesus (alayhis-salam)

We should walk out feeling glad when someone comes even if we can’t fulfil the need. If we can’t, we excuses ourselves softly and we should feel that we let the opportunity go amiss. If you really couldn’t, hopefully God will reward you. If you just didn’t, maybe there’ll be a day when you’re in need. How would you like to be treated?

Sometimes one who is in need may lack in courtesy. Sometimes he might not even notice that there are other things in the world and won’t acknowledge your effort and might even overlook your efforts but it shouldn’t carry any weight as the foundation should be that you’re dealing with Allah. If you’re dealing with God, how can you be affected? We should seek God’s forgiveness for ostentation.

One of the illnesses of this age is egoistic individualism of this age. People of needs are the greatest means of overcoming this. We should look at them as doctors.

They got on his back, his saliva was their back and his lap was their playground. Who is like them? Al Hassan wal Hussayn; The Masters of the Youth of Paradise. They are his fragrance and sweet scent in this world.

He (peace and blessings be upon him) was sitting with his close companions, there was ample space and you could see some of his leg. He changed his position when Uthman came. The companions said, “Abu Bakr came and Umar came and you didn’t change? Why for Uthman?” He replied, “Should I not be shy before the one the angels of the All-Merciful feel modest.”
The secret is that he had immense modesty before the Divine Presence and for such people the angels feel modest before them. He was distinguished in this particular attribute.
It’s reported that when Uthman wanted to answer the call of nature, he would stretch his feet and tell the two angels to stay at the threshold and say, “I won’t do anything at that time.” What about us with the two angels?

We need to live the inward reality of this, of being happy with the coming of a guest. It is said that a guest comes with his provisions and leaves with the sins of the host. You are hosting a guest of God. That’s why it is disliked to over-do things because the reality of hosting is to feel happiness and expansive not burdensome. The reality of hosting a guest is to feel happy with the guest. Feel vigilant in this regard and know that the guest has a right over you. There are courtesies as a guest that one should be vigilant of. If you’re a guest, don’t be preoccupied with the goodness of the host and the host, don’t be preoccupied the courteousness of the host. Do what you have to do!

Your hearts perception is how you deal with people. To ascend, you must witness that you’re really dealing with the Lord of people and not you with people alone. Otherwise, you won’t continue for long. People are ever-changing.
If you make dealing a transaction between you and Allah and the outward is for God, you deal for God, the burden is for God and not for their sake alone even it is for their sake. It is sublime.
Some people are good for the purpose of good. It’s a wonderful feeling to have but it has a limited capacity to withstand.

Imam Ali Zain al Abideen went past a drunk man on a horse who was singing an aphorism so he stepped off his horse, got off and went on foot and took a parchment and pen to write down the aphorism of the drunkard. One of his companions said, “What are you doing, son of the daughter of the Messenger of Allah?” He replied, “I’m recording his wise expression so I can benefit. “But he’s drunk?” “Nevertheless, it’s still wisdom. RasulAllah said, “Wisdom is the lost property of a believer. Wherever he finds it, he has most right to it.”  They asked, “why did you get off the horse?” Imam Ali Zain al Abideen replied, “this is the adab to knowledge.”

This is courtesy of the Divine Presence; overlooking the state of another. This is the distillation of the entire retreat. Courtesy of propriety is to do with you and God and not people and the state you find them in.
Your virtue stays the same with everyone. It’s difficult but possible.
Have the intention, seek from Him and He’ll give. We should be earnest in seeking until He gives.

It’s dangerous if you don’t accept an apology. Are you scared that God won’t accept your apology on the Day of Judgement? Do you not love that God forgive you?

He was most eloquent and most pleasant. Eloquence springs forth from clarity of his vision and pleasantness from the beauty of his inward. His words were harmonious like his inward. Endless peace and blessings be upon him.

How fortunate are our masters, the Sahaba? Ears that were honoured to have his voice reach them. Eyes that were honoured to behold him. Hands that were honoured to shake hands with him. Tongues that were honoured to speak with him. Bodies that were honoured to sit in his company. Hearts that were honoured to love him. Beings that were honoured to have his companionship. These are the Companions. How can we not love and honour them? The first and last. The greatest and smallest.
We don’t believe that they were infallible. It’s about their affiliation to al-Habib (peace and blessings be upon him), through blood and friendship.

More to follow, in sha Allah.

Any mistakes, errors or misinterpretations of words are from me. Please correct me when you spot any mistakes.