Taken by: Mohammed Shaheen

Praise be to Allah who created us so that we profit from Him not Him from us. He created us out of nothing and furnished us with bounties and gave us the bounty of La-ila-ha-il-Allah-Muhammad-ar-RasulAllah.

We all know that since the coming of Prophet Adam (alayhis-salam) no human has brought about exalted change like our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. He lost his father whilst in his mother’s womb and his mother when he was six and his grandfather who looked after him in his eighth year and God brought through this orphan a transformation of the world, endless peace and blessings be upon him.

The way of the Messenger of Compassion doesn’t believe in converting through coercion but through faith and intellect and faith which is in the heart. Intellect and self come together in emulation when they find an exemplar who exemplifies this.

We’re living in an age of much change. A person will wake up with one conviction and go to sleep with another.

If we look at the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), his affairs and his changes. They stick with us. He can only bring about transformation for our lives. If we look at the Shama’il and Seerah, we see an intense link between the inner virtues and conducts which the companions and those after inherited, may Allah be pleased with them all.

He was oft-reflecting. He didn’t speak unnecessarily but with many meanings and little words when he did. He wasn’t dry to sit with and didn’t laugh too much. He didn’t seek victory or retribution for himself but when Allah’s rights were overstepped, no-one could stop him. He pardoned. He had constant sadness for humanity but also had a beautiful countenance and always smiled.
When he gave advice, he was subtle. He had intense humility. He changed people’s understanding of what a leader is to an exemplar. Endless peace and blessings be upon him.

The floor of his chamber was earth. His cushion was made of leather filled with leaves. His blanket didn’t even cover his whole length. If food came, he ate and when there was no food, he said, “I’m fasting”. He was in the service of his family and would be like this until the time of prayer came. Endless peace and blessings upon him.

His methodology and change is that we don’t let ourselves and partners of ourselves take us by the egotistical drives to bring about change. He taught us to be like this from our homes. He taught us the treatment of our women. He didn’t say that the best one is the one who prays long into the night or fasts day on end or gives much in charity or struggles for Allah but the best one is the one who is best to his family meaning the women folk. He established this by saying, “I am the best of you to my family.” Endless peace and blessings be upon him.

The change that he came with wasn’t to change countries, rulers or cultures. This isn’t the foundation but it is the consequence. He came to change, purify and illumine hearts and this spread from east to west through one generation forthpouring to the next.

What role do we play in this transformation?
It’s not about memorising knowledge but the vessel that pours it.

Power isn’t to retaliate and the like so not like the law of Newton. That suits inanimate objects and animals but the hearts filled with La-ila-ha-il-Allah and the love of our Master Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) follow a different law. The law which is that every action has a reaction which is more than it, it goes up vertically in direction not opposite. You can say that it elevates above it or elevates it. That’s your task. Your vocation.

You’ll hear people talk bad about you and some will make you feel that their problem is your existence. You either react in a lowly, earthly manner or in an exalted heavenly Muhammadan manner.

Allah says, “If you be patient and be God-conscious, that’s of having firm resolve.
Contemplate when God says that’s having firm-resolve in affairs.
“We created humans and we know what his self insinuates, We are closer to him than his jugular vein.” – Qur’an

He told us if we’re patient, our egos will insinuate and will suggest weakness. Listen the Lord says that’s from firm resolve. My self is lying and the Lord is truthful.

Those whom’s hands God made flow the greatest change had:
1) Compassion. It’s for the loved one, relative, distant one, disliked one and even the enemy.
2) Firm and Unshakeable. It means to hold onto a morality or principle that when everyone else is shaken, you’re still standing.
3) Love. Hearts of those God entrusted with change have an expansive love.

That’s three attributes.

You’re amongst the ummah of Muhammad; Master of Change. Look at the Messenger of God in the early Madinan days. What change happened to bring this about? He could’ve retaliated. If he had done anything, do you think Madinah would have settled? Would Islam spread to the point it became majority? Would the son of the leader of the hypocrites become a companion?
Change people by your morality.

You’ll hear much harm which Allah has mentioned in the Qur’an. Allah’s offer will always be there but don’t let that firmness with this morality take you to isolation. Don’t say this society hurts and we have to be patient so let’s isolate. Don’t you have a light?
“From Allah has come a light and a clear book.” – Qur’an
The light is the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him. It has filled your hearts and let you experience the meaning of love and with it life is luminous but let it be present in your days and nights.

Brothers, the last counsel of God’s Messenger: “I enjoin you to be good to women.” He also said, “The best of you are those best to their family and I am the best of you to my family.”
Some of those with him in his chamber say in his last moments with his family his blessed mouth was murmuring words and he said, “Highest assembly is highest assembly.” Our Lady Aisha said, “I swear by God, he’s chosen to go to the highest assembly.” He said, “Prayer, Prayer. Be good to women.”
We have a problem with the way we perceive women. It’s not Muhammadan. He would sweep his house out of the service of his wife, endless peace and blessings be upon him. Who’s the Master of men? Who’s more manly than the Messenger of God? Maleness is amongst donkeys, dogs and so forth. Manliness is something else. It’s a state of elevation. When I see someone weaker than him, I honour him. This is manliness.

More to follow, in sha Allah.

Any mistakes, errors or misinterpretations of words are from me. Please correct me when you spot any mistakes.