In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate

All praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. And salutations and greetings upon our Master Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

In this beautiful month of Rabi al Awwal, Treasures for the Seeker is honoured to share a poem penned by a dear friend who wants to be known as S. Khan. Her poem was picked by Amir Sulaiman as the 1st prize winner of the OCC poetry competition in the Under 15s category, last night. If you notice any grammatical errors, we have purposely left them as we are sure she left them for a great reason.

As you read it, please send a prayer for her and her family. May her poetry give a rebirth in our hearts of the himmah to follow him (prayers and peace be upon him).

~ (The Loved Beloved.)

Peace is upon him.
How I wish to be with you, for I am lost.
I yearn for your love and protection, which I have not.
Days pass, and the heart remains at unease.
The only cure: your praise.
Oh Master, Oh Beloved! How can one miss whom they have not met? To yearn to see thee, just for a glance.
It is a mere miracle the heart can possess such an intense feeling. LOVE. Our eyes are blinded from your beauty yet we are drowning in tears.
You went through numerous trials for us, your ummah, and what do we have to show for it? And for that I am truly ashamed.
To walk with you, to talk to you it’s all I want.
They say every believer has their trial, and I guess one of mine is separation.
And as the trees continue to shed their leaves, my heart continues to bleed.
Oh habibi I need you for I am lost and afraid!
What is this delusional state of which I reside?
But I have a conclusion: You’re always there, in every prayer, in every tear, in every act of khayr, always there. In every moment, your reminder springs forth keeping me straight. And when I fall, I am always lifted.
Thus never tell me my Beloved has died, for in our hearts he does reside.

One memory we hold, as you leaned upon a tree, and when presented with a mimbar the tree wept; and you made it an offer it could not decline. How merciful was he, even to a tree. This is not a memory of physicality, but of spirituality. In our hearts and mind, to which our eyes are blind.
What is my saying compared to the saying of the Lord of all the worlds:
Allah, “And we have not sent you except as a mercy to all the worlds” –
not just for those who believed, but even those who deceived. For all of mankind, for children, animals, even nature.
Your mercy warms my heart on a cold winter’s day.
And what about Taif? When you went through so much for the sake of what’s right, and the children pelted you with stones out of spite. And the Angel Jibrael offered to diminish them between two mountains, and you still said no.
So much hurt, yet so much worth. You are a jewel to the earth.
Soother of hurt yet none hurt more; selfless.
You are a beam of light seeming through a window of hope.
A light upon light; for eternity.
Beautiful, truthful, loving, and wise. Humble, trustworthy, righteous, and kind.

And the woman who spoke wrong unknowing of your identity.
Yet you remained so kind, spreading peace and serenity.

The way you breathed, the way you walked, the way you loved, the way you talked, with complete eloquence

Your courtesy and generosity with beautiful mannerisms.
Excessive and intense love and time extended such that your life is celebrated to this day.

And for a bit of your love I will always pray.
A person will be with whom he loves.

Peace be to the Beloved and all praise is to God.

– S. Khan (May Allah protect, preserve, and reward her well)