In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate

All praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. And salutations and greetings upon our Master Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

“Poetry is the crown of literature.” – W S Maugham

Treasures for the Seeker intends to share the creative utterances of dear ones with you all. We pray that they stir and realise within us Muhammadan reflection, Muhammadan love, and Muhammadan transformation.

Allahumma Amin. Allahumma Amin. Allahumma Amin.

What is it about this word that attracts so many people?
What is it about this word that holds so much significance?
And, what is it about this word that makes people believe it is true?

The answer is within the questions.
Read between the lines.
I dare you.
Reality is that you already know.
You already know that this world has won,
it has snatched loyalty away from hearts.
The innocent, sincere hearts that once were,
are now as crippled as fallen autumn leaves.
All because loyalty has been snatched,
and the world has won.
Let that sink in for a moment,
the world has won.

The world took loyalty as if it belonged only to the world and not to people.
Yet, as humans, we are so alike,
but so unalike and we still choose to trust.
The process reiterating again and again.
The world wins because remember,
the world snatched loyalty.
It doesn’t lie within humans anymore.
How can I dismiss the fact that loyalty exists
when experiences of disloyalty are etched in the hearts of beings?

Listen to me,
and listen to me carefully.
Disloyalty causes pain.
Would you even know what pain is?
Of course you do,
Your human.
It’s an escapade not to be shared with anything
other than your heart
and your mind.

But always remember,
there is a vital force
within each and every one of us,
a soul.
Let it give you life,
let it give you hope and from that,
let it derive from you all the disloyalty and
lead you towards loyalty.
Although the world has snatched loyalty,
take it back and embrace it.

Loyalty is not a word; it’s a way of life.

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