Salam alaykum,

MBlogs are a series of articles that will be written by 10 year-old Maryam. She has intended to use this platform to write articles about what she has learnt with the intention of benefitting herself and others. May Allah protect and preserve her, make her from the youth who were raised in His Love and obedience, and allow her to be a beacon of light wherever she goes. Allahumma Ameen.

Why Atheism is false

I am wondering how people think that there is no God [Creator] such that the universe just came about from nothing. When I first heard about atheism I actually laughed, I thought my dad was just joking, but when he told me that it was real l was shocked. It seemed very silly but it was true so I decided to write an article about it. 

My science teacher told me that when she was little she only knew that she was a Muslim because her parents told her that she was. However, when she was studying the topic of photosynthesis (which comes under the science of Biology), she had a realisation. She began to wonder how a leaf could have just come about to make all the food for the plant, she then knew that there had to be a Creator. If she couldn’t even believe that a leaf could come from nowhere, what then about the whole universe? It is amazing how people can even believe this! 

I have a few questions that l think a Muslim should ask an atheist, however if you are an atheist reading this blog then you should try to answer these questions yourself.                                                  

1. How can the universe have just come about?
2. If this is true then, what was the first living thing?
3. Who was the first human being?

I don`t understand how people could believe things like this. One of our scholars said “Imagine you went to a nice hotel, all the beds were arranged, automatic lights, TV comes on, nice shower, a fridge with drinks and it was a five star Hilton branch with all the extra fittings. Suddenly someone comes to you and says that this room just came from nowhere, you would think they are crazy. Then, imagine they told you the same about all the other hundreds of rooms in the hotel.”

Another example they mention is about someone who is walking in the desert and suddenly finds a watch. This person opens the watch and find it’s made up of a lot of pulleys and is very technical. As this person is doing this, someone comes to him/her and says that this watch had just fallen from the sky or had just appeared from nowhere. No one would reasonably believe this so what then about the whole universe.

There’s 4 ways that people believe that the universe was created. Firstly, that they came from nothing which is impossible. Secondly, they created themselves but how could they have created themselves if they didn’t exist? Thirdly, they were created by another created thing but who created that thing in the first place. Fourthly, they were created by an uncreated Creator, which is the truth.

In conclusion, atheism is false because it can’t be true. I hope this will inspire us all to look further into the truth and come to know Allah. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts at the bottom of this article.

Maryam Siddiqah (Age 10)